Lighting your LotusGrill

Inside your LotusGrill there is a lighting plate underneath the charcoal inner mesh container; pour 2- 3 capfuls of fuel lighter gel on this plate. Once you have turned the fan on your LotusGrill you can light the gel and place the filled charcoal container on top. Lighting gel is available from your LotusGrill stockist as well as general hardware stores and BBQ stockists.

When I light my LotusGrillĀ®, there is some smoke. Is this normal?

Sometimes there can be dust residue on the charcoal which might create a small amount of smoke to start with. As soon as the LotusGrill has settled down there will be virtually no smoke, hence the LotusGrill has been called the 'smokeless grill.' It is possible you will find that fatty foods can cause a quick puff of smoke however this will be short-lived and minimal. If you clean your LotusGrill regularly this will reduce the risk of fat flare-ups.

We recommend using the official LotusGrill Lighter Gel to light your grill
Lighter Gel

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