LotusGrill XXL

The LotusGrill XXL incorporates the same ingenious design in a new extra-large capacity. Using two built-in, battery-operated fans to supply the charcoal with air, the XXL still heats up in an incredible 5 minutes, giving you that authentic, charcoal cooked flavour in no time. Additionally, the charcoal is permanently well-aerated in the two individual charcoal containers, which means the BBQ can be lit without experiencing, virtually any smoke. Precise temperature control of the charcoal containers is possible thanks to the two switches, which allow the fans to be infinitely adjusted. The more air blown onto the charcoal, the hotter it burns. Flying sparks or escaping embers are reduced to a minimum as combustion takes place in a closed container inside the BBQ. This stylish, innovative, garden BBQ is available in three colours and is suitable for up to 20/25 people, depending on appetites!

FREE Lighter gel, charcoal and two LotusGrill pot holders* with this grill!
* - while stocks last
  • Ready to grill after 5 minutes
  • Available in Red, Anthracite and Blue

  • Weight: 21.8kg
  • Diameter top: 600mm
  • Diameter bottom: 488mm
  • Height: 284mm

Choose your colour

LotusGrill XXL

Red £410.00

LotusGrill XXL

Blue £410.00

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